What I Do

I apply sense making and deliver clients value by supporting them to align their purpose to their operations and implement entrepreneurial thinking.

Jane Hadjion Corporate Ecologist Melbourne

+ strategise REGENERATIVE solutions

Drawing on my diverse experience, I design strategy with net positive environmental or social outcomes. I leverage your operational strengths and identify business development and strategic partnership opportunities.

+ DELIVER opportunity

I support teams to discover their purpose so that you can thrive our complex environment. My programs teach you to see the waste created by complexity as a source of inspiration and innovation. I do this for individuals, teams and organisations.

+ implement meaningful, long term success

I design programs and coach business leaders in the implementation of continuous improvement programs designed to integrate regenerative practice into the business.

What that means for you

a little about me

The impact we can create from seeing waste as a resource is limitless.

My goal is to teach others to view waste as source of inspiration and a valuable, innovative resource, at home and in business. There is large, untapped opportunity from understanding where a business is being wasteful and unlocking under utilised resources.

It can be as little as using wasted time on a commute to educate yourself with a podcast or a book, to as big as making available a corporate system to enable widespread social change.

What I'm up to

I’m thrilled to be participating in the inaugural project of the Australian Strategic Design Institute (ASDI) at the invitation of Craig Martin from Design chain. The Ellen MacArthur foundation beautifully articulates the need for the ASDI in designing (not just imagining) what our shared future looks like.

“Moving towards a circular economy goes far beyond traditional measures to reduce the negative impacts of the current linear system. It entails shifting to an entirely new system, and cannot be achieved merely through incremental improvements.Systems thinking has gained increased attention in recent years as a required approach for overcoming complex, systemic issues. It is still a new science and only a few case studies and enabling tools are available to support companies and industries to transform. Even if such tools were available, changing a complex system is not something that can be planned and executed in a static, deterministic way. A design-thinking approach is required, bringing actors together from across the system to collaborate, prototype, learn, refine, and scale what works.”

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