What I Do

I envisage the ecosystem within which you and your business operate, apply sense making to identify opportunities and draw on my network and experience to shift behaviours and embed responsibility. Delivering financial, social and environmental outcomes for my clients.

Jane Hadjion Corporate Ecologist Melbourne

+ strategise REGENERATIVE solutions

Drawing on my diverse experience, I facilitate strategic design with net positive environmental or social outcomes. I support you to identify and leverage your operational strengths and coach you to deliver via strategic partnerships, operational excellence and behavioural transformation.

+ DELIVER opportunity

I support teams to discover their purpose so that you can thrive our complex environment. My programs integrate what you already do well, eliminate the unnecessary and accelerate impact by ensuring teams have a common intention.

+ implement meaningful, long term success

I design programs and coach business leaders in the art of radical and relentless optimism. Through optimism we focus our brain on what we can control and influence; biasing us to action.

What that means for you

a little about me

The impact we can create from seeing waste as a resource is limitless.

My goal is to teach others to view waste as source of inspiration and a valuable, innovative resource, at home and in business. There is large, untapped opportunity from understanding where a business is being wasteful and unlocking under utilised resources.

It can be as little as using wasted time on a commute to educate yourself with a podcast or a book, to as big as making available a corporate system to enable widespread social change.

What I'm up to

I am proud to be one of the founding volunteer team for the Australian Engineers Declare movement. We successfully rallied 100+ engineering organisations and 1500+ individuals in approximately 8 weeks under the common intention of a 12 point declaration focussed on taking positive, collective action toward a shared future.

We are in the process of transitioning this movement to Australian Engineers Act in collaboration with similar global movements. Our focus will be in on catalysing, accelerating, amplifying and celebrating the Australian Engineering Professions contribution to a just, equitable and sustainable future.

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