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Acquiring as a Cleverist: a reminder from a $250 couch

Jane Hadjion Corporate Ecologist Melbourne

Cleverist purchasing incorporates elements of minimalism, lean thinking and reflection. Kyle Westaway recently wrote “Minimalism isn’t about missing out it’s about having just enough“. So if you’re acquiring something new how do you know if it’s ‘just enough’. In the Cleverist approach to acquisition I seek to understand the influences. Influences because they are interdependent […]

Collaborative business a future on the prairie

Jane Hadjion Corporate Ecologist Melbourne

A discussion with Kate Raworth, visionary of the Doughnut Economy, left me struck by its key principles. Distributed by design. Regenerative by design. There are many examples of the shared economy for individuals, less so between businesses. Leaders I work with seek to change this. Ecological systems are both regenerative and distributed; a template from which we […]

A Cleverist Approach to Networking

Jane Hadjion Cleverist Melbourne

Originally posted on LinkedIn. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Barwon New Energy Roundtable hosted by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. The diversity of participants from small community organisations to service providers owned by multinationals was impressive. Presentations were diverse. Networking opportunities abounded. This is my approach on how […]