” I’ve been journeying into understanding our family’s greenhouse gas emissions.  With a view to offseting them.”

It’s a complicated, technical space rife with mistrust. The Australian Greenhouse Calculator (AGC) is one tool to help you explore how your lifestyle contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

So what have I learnt?
* Use the AGC or a similar tool to explore your current impact. I suggest you try more than one.
* Talk to people around you about what it showed you.
* Don’t nitpick the accuracy of the tool (they all have their strengths and weaknesses). Rather, use them as a wayfinder for your largest impacts.
* Seek out the most tangible first step you can take.

We don’t need 1000’s of people living with zero emissions. We need millions living with minimal emissions. No one is asking for perfection. But no action is not an option.


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