A curious problem solver from a young age, I grew up with an aptitude for maths / science and anything technical. Throughout my corporate career in aerospace engineering, that passion developed into a love of systems thinking applied to people and businesses striving to achieve positive change.

I have always had a deep appreciation for ecology and admire the iterative approach the natural world has when solving problems. The efficient and evolving solutions it creates.

It does so by capitalising on the ‘waste’ it produces. This good resource management allows it to focus energy on growth. These ecological principles can be brought into the workplace through change management, collaboration, communication, knowledge management and business development.

My goal is to have others value waste as a source of inspiration and an innovative resource, at home and in business.

Businesses and the social constructs we live in are complex systems, much like the ecology that keeps our planet alive. There is a large, untapped opportunity from understanding where a business is creating, harbouring and enabling waste in its products, people or systems. Opportunities that are waiting to be explored.

I want business leaders and individuals to value waste as nature does, and see it as a source of inspiration. It can be as little as using wasted time on a commute to educate yourself with a podcast or book, to as big as making available a corporate system to enable widespread social change.

I apply sense making to corporate projects at the intersection of regenerative practice, essential services and technology. 

Particularly where there is a need for translation between the technical and the practical, or where realignment to strategy and/or environment is required.

The impact we can create from seeing waste as a resource is limitless. Like in the natural world, less waste allows for more growth.

Jane Hadjion Cleverist Melbourne
Jane Hadjion Cleverist Melbourne
Jane Hadjion Cleverist Melbourne