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“Just Mercy” – A story of catching stones in the pursuit of hope

The following is my review of “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson. I claim no equivalence to the individuals whos stories are shared in this moving book. But it did cause me to reflect more deeply on why I choose to surround myself with the people I do and pursue the work I do. In Stevensons […]

NAIDOC week 2019: What I learnt and what you can too

I am a spiritual person. I descend from those who forcefully invaded this country. And I am sorry. This NAIDOC week I consciously sought ways to engage in celebrating our indigenous culture. As a result I have cried, laughed, squirmed, cringed and felt both powerful and hopeless. But I settle to an impatient feeling of cleverist; my thirst and commitment to continually seek small actions to stack upon one another has had […]

Loneliness: Australia’s next health crisis and the role of the organisation

Loneliness. An epidemic. Contagious? A symptom of individualism or our broken social structures.  The case for concern is significant: Mental health is 15% of the burden of health care and only 1 in 3 patients is adequately funded. Britain has appointed a minister for loneliness. Victoria has instigated a Royal Commission; a once in a […]

Pragmatic advice on how minimalist thinking enables purpose

Re-purposed and adapted from Joshua Becker @ Becoming Minimalist We live in a culture obsessed with being busy & ownership. ‘Balanced’ by a counter culture driving back to basics thinking & minimising the number of our possessions. I don’t know about you but I think living in between these extremes can be pretty draining. Joshua […]

Hybrid buses hit the Australian network: A timely reminder that a single technology is rarely a perfect fit

“A step change in environmental impact and improved passenger experience through noise reduction” Today I had the privilege of attending the launch of Volvo’s Hybrid bus technology in Australia. Courtesy of the only transport company in Australia to be a certified B-corp; Latrobe Valley Bus Lines. A 70 year old business proving that it is […]

Acquiring as a Cleverist: a reminder from a $250 couch

Jane Hadjion Corporate Ecologist Melbourne

Cleverist purchasing incorporates elements of minimalism, lean thinking and reflection. Kyle Westaway recently wrote “Minimalism isn’t about missing out it’s about having just enough“. So if you’re acquiring something new how do you know if it’s ‘just enough’. In the Cleverist approach to acquisition I seek to understand the influences. Influences because they are interdependent […]

Collaborative business a future on the prairie

Jane Hadjion Corporate Ecologist Melbourne

A discussion with Kate Raworth, visionary of the Doughnut Economy, left me struck by its key principles. Distributed by design. Regenerative by design. There are many examples of the shared economy for individuals, less so between businesses. Leaders I work with seek to change this. Ecological systems are both regenerative and distributed; a template from which we […]