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The Australian Greenhouse Calculator

  ” I’ve been journeying into understanding our family’s greenhouse gas emissions.  With a view to offseting them.”     It’s a complicated, technical space rife with mistrust. The Australian Greenhouse Calculator (AGC) is one tool to help you explore how your lifestyle contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. So what have I learnt?* Use the […]

Being part of starting a movement

” I am left with pride and responsibility to make the most of the momentum we have collectively generated.” In August 2019 I was walking along the street near my home and my good friend Lizzie Webb called. She shared how she had been in discussion with Danny Almagor and others on the challenge that […]

Radically optimistic and unashamed

” the safest way for someone to appear intelligent is being sceptical by default. We seem sophisticated when we say “we don’t believe” and disingenuous when we say “we do.” – Guillermo Del Toro I am proud to be an optimist for I think it is what is desperately needed. Optimism empowers us to try, […]

Embedding Purpose and Values by Contexis

A response to build on the Forbes article “Three best practices for embedding Purpose and Values into Culture” by Kathy Miller Perkins For many of the teams we work with merely (an yes it is hardly a small thing) articulating a purpose statement for their organisation is but the first step. In too many cases it […]

Collaborative business a future on the prairie

Jane Hadjion Corporate Ecologist Melbourne

A discussion with Kate Raworth, visionary of the Doughnut Economy, left me struck by its key principles. Distributed by design. Regenerative by design. There are many examples of the shared economy for individuals, less so between businesses. Leaders I work with seek to change this. Ecological systems are both regenerative and distributed; a template from which we […]

Traditional change management doesn’t work – what’s the alternative?

Jane Hadjion Cleverist Melbourne

Originally published here. A comment on CEB Global’s white paper “Making change management work” The statistics are well known. Measured by those who implement change over 50% of change initiatives are considered to have failed. It is not seem to be unique to an industry, country, type of change or size of the organisation. So […]

Dialogue: intention and perception

Jane Hadjion Cleverist Melbourne

Originally published here. I believe everyone comes from an intention to do good and everyone is flawed and will at some point experience failure. With these things in mind we must actively and overtly create environments where this is not only permissioned but where we pick each other up, learn and move forward. But often […]