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Net Positive Concept

Net positive is a concept I try to hold myself accountable across my life I am not arrogant enough to believe that the contributions I make would not have been made if it were not for me being here. But none the less I strive that the contributions I make leave a more positive outcome […]

NAIDOC week 2019: What I learnt and what you can too

I am a spiritual person. I descend from those who forcefully invaded this country. And I am sorry. This NAIDOC week I consciously sought ways to engage in celebrating our indigenous culture. As a result I have cried, laughed, squirmed, cringed and felt both powerful and hopeless. But I settle to an impatient feeling of cleverist; my thirst and commitment to continually seek small actions to stack upon one another has had […]

Loneliness: Australia’s next health crisis and the role of the organisation

Loneliness. An epidemic. Contagious? A symptom of individualism or our broken social structures.  The case for concern is significant: Mental health is 15% of the burden of health care and only 1 in 3 patients is adequately funded. Britain has appointed a minister for loneliness. Victoria has instigated a Royal Commission; a once in a […]

A Cleverist Approach to Networking

Jane Hadjion Cleverist Melbourne

Originally posted on LinkedIn. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Barwon New Energy Roundtable hosted by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. The diversity of participants from small community organisations to service providers owned by multinationals was impressive. Presentations were diverse. Networking opportunities abounded. This is my approach on how […]

How honey bees inspired my daughters education

Jane Hadjion Cleverist Melbourne

Originally published here. Now that I have a daughter I am beginning to imagine what her education looks like. No longer am I hypothesising about the general problems with education but rather wondering about what do I want her to experience. And I’m not confident that model Australia continues to move towards, where the more […]

Swimming away from the shore.

Jane Hadjion Corporate Ecologist Melbourne

Two slightly obscure and perhaps seemingly unrelated things have prompted me to write this post. Firstly I was listening to an episode of the Tim Ferriss show featuring Eric Weinstein and secondly I was reading responses to The Australian Institute of Directors (AICD) report on the need for Investment governance in NotForProfits (NFP).  Both prompted me to think about […]