Looking Up

There are cleverists every where you look – innovating to shape our future. We all need a reminder to look up from what we are used to doing and the way we are used to doing it. The resources and products here are those I have found to prompt me to think differently about the choices I make and how I make them.


Target Area - waste

Shop Waste Free

95% of our pantry staples are now zero waste. So how so i manage it day to day?

I started simple with the things that we use the most of and frequently (flour, washing powder, oats, cereal)

I keep a separate list on the fridge to add to as things run out, one by one I paid attention to what volume of things we used so I’d know how much to buy

I slowly saved ice cream containers or bought reusable containers or the appropriate size to dedicate to the staples (this way I just fill them up and don’t have to worry about ‘how much’)

I pack the containers into a basket based on the list the night before and off to @thefullpantry I go!!!



Clean and dry plastics that can be scrunched in your hand can be recycled at all major supermarkets. We have a produce bag or similar in the kitchen to collect small bags or pieces of plastic from food wrappings. The full bag goes in the shopping bags in the car for drop off during the next shop.




household goods

Anything unwanted from building materials, landscaping excesses, furniture or household goods can be posted on Freecycle. Rarely have I had things sit on there for more than a week. Proving that ‘one persons trash is someone else’s treasure!’. I would recommend this as you identify things for a potential hard rubbish rather than store them up see if you can’t make someones day and avoid having them destroyed on the naturestrip in adverse weather.




We connect people who wish to recycle their kitchen scraps with their neighbours who are already composting, worm-farming or keep chickens. 

We collect food scraps in a small container on the bench top. Too large and it takes too long to empty and goes yuck. I recommend it has a lid to stop fruit flies.