Looking Up

There are cleverists every where you look – innovating to shape our future. We all need a reminder to look up from what we are used to doing and the way we are used to doing it. The tools and products here are those I have found to prompt me to think differently about the choices I make and how I make them.

Take a moment to look up, this is a collection of the cleverists I look up to. You never know what you might see…


Monday 7th
Ok so I know it’s kitch but the film “Last Christmas” uses the phrase ‘Look up’…. a lot. Perspective is everything in a world where we are rapidly loosing the ability to see things from different points of view. Just walking in Melbourne with a Londoner it was he who pointed out some of the beautiful Gothic architecture I walk past most days. Don’t wait for a stranger to remind you. Make a habit of finding another perspective to see things from, it’s as simple as looking up! 

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December 18

Tuesday 11th
Indigenous people have learnt how to listen deeply to what is around them. Here it is shared as a form of meditation accessible to everyone. I tried it and it was a deep physical and emotional reminder as too why I garden. 

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